Proprietary Products

MM-Eye specialist products are designed to provide exceptional insights. Our research products will help you develop and assess your new ideas. Then measure your success.


Our role is to inspire you and your business to achieve better brand health.

Thoughtscape is a unique diagnostic and measurement tool for building your brand health around the pure views of the customer.

Strengthen your brand health with Thoughtscape, eliciting consumer responses that are easy to understand, and difficult to ignore.  

Thoughtscape measures emotional engagement and informs, through robust quantitative metrics alongside the depth and diagnostic power of qualitative insight. Data is sourced from free speech so you hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the consumer truth.

Continuous tracking or a ‘one off’ brand health diagnosis: Thoughtscape is your solution.


Adscape is an unbiased way of evaluating your advertising.

Do you love advertising?
We do. That is why we created Adscape. Our unique approach.

Adscape’s one to one and open questioning approach avoids ‘leading the witness’. Its immersive analysis provides the action points you need to perfect your masterpiece.

With clear, constructive recommendations on emotive positioning and scene-by-scene diagnostics, Adscape’s success is driven by its ability to enhance rather than restrain creativity.

Happily, Adscape is also quick and budget friendly.   


The bespoke online community for the mobility industry.

MM-Eye’s online community offer is an insight innovation tool which actively facilitates a dialogue with customers, engaging and informing all parties involved. 

A key benefit of this type of methodology is that it's an ongoing process giving participants space to think and engage. It allows time to fine tune views and opinions, resulting in more thoughtful and in-depth replies.