Research in Motion

Welcome to our world of innovative market research for the automotive and mobility industries.


Research that strengthens brand and model performance. For cars, motorbikes or commercial vehicles, we can help with everything from new product development to launch price positioning.

With more than a century’s worth of automotive research, we are ready and able to help you research your markets.

We understand the critical nature of the financial and marketing decisions that are made throughout the development process – the need to both innovate for the market, whilst also negating the risks. The stakes are high.

We can help you with International ethnography studies for early concept development, ensure your products are on track via product and marketing Clinics, as well as price positioning, brand and feature trade-offs, product messaging, Ride and Drives … all the stages involved in successfully bringing your product to market.

Retail & Sales

Buying habits change at an ever increasing pace, we ensure your finger is on the pulse of consumer buying behaviour.

Do you understand your customers’ buying journey?

Are you making the decision process clear and simple for your customers?

Is your retail design effective?

Are your virtual and physical retail spaces complementing one another?

Are your employees aligned with your brand promise?

As experts in ‘mobility culture’ we observe how consumers are embracing new modes of retailing.

Connectivity & Technology

Connectivity and new technologies are seductive and understanding their value to consumers is one of our key areas of expertise.

The future holds a great promise for allowing connectivity and technology to take hold in our lives. Cheaper, efficient and creatively connected methods of transportation will mean we can choose between the best of what’s on offer. 

Corporate Sustainability

CSR can be hugely beneficial in the short and longer term. We can help you to both qualify and quantify the benefits amongst employees and customers.

Are people aware of your CSR activities, and when they are aware do they care? Do people work better for or buy more from a company with a clear CSR program? What elements of your CSR program have the greatest impact on whom? Is it saving the rain forest or employing local school leavers? How do you select the correct and most impactful actions that your company should be involved with?

What is the best way to communicate your CSR activity? Should you involve your employees and customers in the execution of these activities in any way? Do they want to contribute financially? Do they want to participate physically? Or do they just want to know they are working for/buying from a company that cares?

With our experience we can help you understand how to design, execute and communicate an effective CSR programme that is appreciated by your target audience and has a positive impact on your business.

Fuels & Energy

We keep you in touch with the latest trends and developments in transport, emissions and energy systems.

Few of us like to think about the global ‘energy crisis’.  It’s just too scary for most. But the mobility industry has to contemplate the future of our energy resources. Tomorrow’s means of powering our transport is central to today’s strategies.

Diesel, gasoline, hybrids, electric vehicles, stop start systems, smaller and cleverer engines, emissions, pollution taxes, car-share initiatives, battery storage systems …how our mobility is powered and organised is already creating new and radical solutions.
But the ultimate solutions are less than obvious. And become even less so when customers are part of the mix. Their opinions shift as new solutions evolve. Allow us to assist your business in keeping one step ahead in the world of fuels and energy.

Five Star Service

As your preferred supplier in the UK, we can offer and deliver an outstanding five star research capability that knows all the quirks of the home market whilst understanding global needs.


UK based, thus know all the quirks of our home market - but we are an International agency working permanently around the globe thus we also understand global needs, perspectives and nuances.

Flexible & Accommodating

We are experienced, trusted, reliable, flexible and accommodating

Deliver to strict budgets and timelines

We never underestimate the importance of delivering to strict budgets and timelines - but without compromising quality

Ensure everything agreed is fit for purpose

We take ownership from the very beginning of your project - ensuring that everything agreed is fit for purpose and we guarantee we will deliver

A broad spectrum of experiences

We have a wide range of experiences covering quant, qual, offline and online methodologies ... from the 'traditional' to the 'innovative', the 'difficult' to the 'more simple', the small to the large.

Plus our core standard services:

Focus Groups
Depth Interviews
Online Communities
Brand Tracking
Car Clinics
Advanced Analytics
Quantitative Brand Health



We have international reach, 90% of our work takes place outside of the UK, but we never forget it's vital to understand and tap into your local markets.

We travel and research with confidence around the World owing to our diverse and multi-lingual team.
You can trust us to discover important global commonalities and cultural differences that are significant as opposed to ‘merely interesting’.  

We bring the global consumer into your boardroom.

Research Toolkit

With the aid of our Market Research Toolkit we will help and guide you to select the ‘best fit’ solution for your objectives.

Our Toolkit contains Quantitative and Qualitative approaches.
Advanced Analytics:  Multi-variate analysis, Conjoint
Depth Interviews
Ethnography - Personal or ‘DIY’
Focus Groups
New Product Clinics
Online Communities
Ride and Drives
Text Analytics
Vox Pops