In 2015, Maersk, the world’s largest logistics company, asked us to develop a new customer engagement programme. They wanted to create an ongoing dialogue that would benefit both Maersk’s customers and the brand itself.


We recommended creating a customer community. Providing qualitative diagnostics and quantitative metrics, this approach offered many benefits for company and customers alike, and encouraged participation from busy senior audiences.
Our client had previously been advised against an online community by a B2B research agency, but trusted our opinion. The Maersk Expert Community is now in its fifth year and consists of 2,000+ customers, ranging from senior decision makers to those who handle day-to-day logistics.

Recruitment is conducted using customer lists, targeted email and social media campaigns. The members complete research in areas relevant to them. They might be asked to test new products, assess communications or help develop value propositions.

MM-EYE manages the community, turns the data into insight and holds monthly meetings to discuss findings. Our cutting-edge platform allows us to access profiled information, conversation transcripts and the answers to every question ever asked. We monitor the email inbox to ensure all queries are forwarded to the right contact, and undertake daily moderation of discussion pages.


By commissioning the Maersk Expert Community, our client now has a customer-centric research tool that allows them to uncover small but powerful truths that help them develop new products, services and global customer value propositions.
Using knowledge gained over time, questions can become more precise and targeted, and insights can become richer. In return customers see their ideas and comments being acted on, which leads to them being increasingly engaged.