Electric Vehicle Ownership

Informing new product development through customer experience to ensure an optimal and class leading electric vehicle



Though a small market, consumer uptake of electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) is steadily on the rise, and external pressure on manufacturers to develop low-emission vehicles continues to mount.

Aiming to get ahead of the competition, our client came to us seeking to uncover customer truths about the experiences and needs of these drivers.


To get close to the customer in the most authentic way, we conducted in-car in-depth interviews with our minds wide open, sharing the experience of EV/PHEV in real-life scenarios.
To get even closer to them, we conducted in-home interviews, which allowed us to engage with the emotional and rational aspects of EV ownership, such as usage, charging and future expectations. Our work covered four markets: UK, USA, China and Netherlands.


Through this qualitative research, we identified four specific customer types, representing the key motivations behind EV ownership. Insights were presented on film, highlighting the pain points of ownership, and the key positives that needed to be communicated to attract future customers.

Our client used these insights to enhance their EV/PHEV strategy, focusing product development plans on the ‘must have’ areas for future customers. Product development refocused to ensure they produced a functional, fast and beautiful EV that remained true to core brand values. The resultant vehicle won What Car Reader Award for Car of the Year 2018.

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