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Brand Index

The SDSS Brand Index – Measure Your Brand’s Sustainability Impact

The SDSS Brand Index, introduced in the Say Do Sustainability Study Wave 2, serves as a groundbreaking benchmarking tool that quantifies how consumers perceive the sustainability efforts of brands. By evaluating both the Say Do Gap and the Positive Action Index, this innovative metric provides an insightful snapshot of brands’ actual sustainability performance through the eyes of their customers.

What is the SDSS Brand Index?

The Brand Index is designed to measure and track the sustainability performance of brands in various sectors, from retail to banking, offering a comprehensive view of their commitment to environmental and social issues. It examines two critical aspects:

  • Say Do Gap | The alignment between a brand’s sustainability claims and its actual actions.
  • Positive Action Index | The extent and impact of a brand’s proactive efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility.

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Why is the SDSS Brand Index Important?

In today’s market, consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on a brand’s sustainability credentials. The SDSS Brand Index offers a transparent, consumer-based assessment, allowing brands to understand how their efforts are perceived and where they stand in the competitive landscape. It also empowers consumers with the knowledge to support companies that truly commit to positive environmental and social change.

Is Your Brand Measured?

Wondering if your brand is among those evaluated in the latest wave of the SDSS Brand Index? This is your opportunity to find out how your brand is perceived in the sustainability spectrum and to discover actionable insights for enhancing your sustainability strategy.

The SDSS Brand Index highlights leaders in sustainability and signals to all brands the importance of aligning their actions with their sustainability messages. Whether you’re a brand looking to evaluate and improve your sustainability efforts or a consumer aiming to make informed choices, the SDSS Brand Index provides the clarity and insight you need.

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