At MM-Eye we are naturally curious, our researchers are trained to get under the skin of every problem. And a big problem that our clients continually come to us with is how to get a realistic, measurable and actionable read on customers’ emotional responses.

ThoughtScapeTM is a unique approach that harnesses the power of a person’s stream of consciousness. It taps into System 1 thinking, discovering truths which other research cannot spot.  We can understand what people really mean, not just take what they say at face value.

Starting out in the early 2000s as a qualitative communications research tool, we have adapted the approach to suit larger scale data collection, seamlessly integrating qual and quant, and applied it across different sectors, brands, products and communications on a global scale.

In our restless pursuit of truth we continue to evolve ThoughtScapeTM and now apply our in-house AI-powered text analytics to optimise the analysis of the huge numbers of verbatim comment that we collect.

ThoughtScapeTM came into being as a result of our listening to our clients’ needs. It captures an authentic emotional response, delivers actionable diagnostic insight and inspires confidence to take positive action based on robust findings.