Introducing SDSS

The Say Do Sustainability Study

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In the early months of this year, we embarked on the second wave of our Say Do Sustainability Study to understand the nation’s mindset. Surveying 2,000 adults to understand their thoughts and feelings on environmental and sustainability issues.

The Say Do Sustainability Study offers pivotal insights into the UK’s current sustainability landscape.  We leveraged our AI-driven tool ThoughtScape and our proprietary sustainability segmentation to deeply understand and interpret the nuanced consumer perspectives on sustainability.

In this report, we discover the evolving attitudes and actions towards sustainability across generations, genders, and socioeconomic groups, revealing a complex yet optimistic picture of the future.

Major Findings

Generational Leadership

Zellenials are at the forefront, demanding that brands and organisations not only commit to but actively engage in sustainability. Their influence is reshaping market expectations and setting a new standard for environmental and social responsibility.

Gender Perspectives

A nuanced look at sustainability shows women are particularly critical of their contributions, signalling a need for brands to communicate more effectively and empathetically with female audiences.

Optimism amidst Anxiety

While optimism about tackling environmental issues exists, a significant undercurrent of anxiety points to the urgent need for clear, actionable steps towards sustainability.

Accessibility and Affordability

The report highlights how socioeconomic factors affect sustainable engagement, emphasising the need for inclusive strategies that ensure everyone can participate in and benefit from sustainability efforts.

A United Front for Sustainability

A collective commitment to better environmental stewardship is evidenced by the universal readiness to enhance sustainable habits across the UK.

Introducing our Brand Index

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A standout feature of this year’s report is the SDSS Brand Index, which meticulously measures and tracks how well brands’ sustainability practices align with their public declarations. This index offers invaluable insights for businesses seeking to understand their position in the sustainability landscape and for consumers aiming to make informed choices based on a brand’s genuine impact.

These insights highlight the urgency and complexity of navigating sustainability in today’s world. They are a call to action for brands and organisations and an invitation to deepen your understanding of these critical shifts.


To harness these insights for your business and explore strategic sustainability paths tailored to these evolving consumer expectations, purchasing the full SDSS Wave 2 report is your next step.

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