Car Clinics

An approach that’s anything but clinical.

At HPS MM-Eye, we specialise in uncovering what people think. We also specialise in certain sectors; for us, automotive is the big one.

We regularly carry out car clinics for manufacturers who want to know how their products measure up to the competition in the eyes of the consumer. With a strong attention to detail, we provide the seamless continuity and neutral research environment, vital for producing credible results.

In our restless pursuit of truth, we question everything and consider anything. We don’t just listen to what people say, we need to find out what they really think. We believe knowing why is the biggest source of truth. Truth inspires action.

So how can you tell who runs the best car clinics when every agency claims it’s them? We’d recommend you judge us by the products we’ve already helped bring to market – Jaguar F- Type, Nissan Juke, Range Rover Velar and Ford Focus.