Businesses of every size and in every sector are under pressure to deliver social and environmental sustainability at the same time as commercial success. We help our clients step up to this challenge by engaging with their stakeholders to reveal meaningful truths, empowering them to make effective and responsible decisions.

MM-Eye is an established insight agency with a track record of helping businesses make the right decisions.  We do this by finding out what really matters to their customers, employees, suppliers and wider stakeholders.

We believe that stakeholder engagement is critical to future proofing business and that, in a world under increasing environmental threat, businesses need to – and should – be at the forefront of positive global change.

Founded over fifteen years ago, MM-Eye is now employee-owned with members of the original senior management team still involved in running the business.

In September 2023 we were very proud to join the growing global community of businesses to be certified as a B Corporation.  This means it has been independently verified that we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and also that we are committed to support all our stakeholders – clients, employees, our community and suppliers – to make a positive impact.

We combine a passion for the truth with pioneering research techniques to help businesses change the way they work for the better – better for people, the planet and profit.

By asking the right questions, rooted in human emotion, we will unearth valuable, game-changing insights, enabling your business to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and make a positive difference.