When we became a B Corp in September 2023, MM-Eye joined a growing community of businesses worldwide that have achieved high social and environmental performance standards and are committed to using their business as a force for good.  In the few weeks since becoming a B Corp, we have already seen the benefits of being part of a vibrant, positive community of like-minded businesses sharing the same values and seeking to drive positive change.

So, what is B Corp?

B Corp is an accreditation awarded to companies who have achieved high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and meet targets across five areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.  There are almost 6,000 B Corps worldwide, and more than 1,500 of these are in the UK.  We are very proud to have joined their ranks. In the UK, B Lab assesses a company’s achievement against a range of targets through a rigorous process resulting in a score.  To remain a B Corp, a company must recertify in 3 years and show an improved score.

We began our B Corp journey in 2022 when we began the application process.  In that time, we have seen three main business benefits to being part of the B Corp community:

  1. Renewed enthusiasm and motivation in our team;
  2. Attracting new staff in our recruitment campaigns;
  3. New business opportunities identified, specifically research and stakeholder engagement services tailored to support other B Corp companies.

Our Team

In preparing our B Corp application, we enhanced and recommitted to various staff welfare, well-being and training initiatives, which our staff enthusiastically engaged with and took ownership of, for example, our initiatives to achieving a net zero carbon footprint and improving engagement with our communities.  We are now proud partners of Ecologi (also a B Corp) to help manage and offset our carbon footprint, and through our community action team we recently partnered with Hands on London to spend a day working on a nature conservation project at Wormwood Scrubs Park, West London.


We have recruited several new team members in the last year to support our ongoing growth.  In a competitive recruitment environment, we felt our ethos of being a business driving positive change helped us to stand out from other recruiters, attracting quality candidates who share our values.

Tailored research services for B Corp companies: As a result of our experience applying for B Corp, we saw the potential for market research tools to make life easier for other companies embarking on their B Corp journey.  We created online surveys to gather data and opinions from employees, customers and suppliers as evidence to support our B Corp application.  These surveys are now available to be used by other companies applying for B Corp and for existing B Corps when they start their re-certification in 3 years or annual self-certification.

We also created a service to support companies through the Materiality Assessment process. This process helps companies prioritise areas where change will have the greatest impact, such as the environment, social impact, and governance (ESG).  Our insight-driven Materiality Assessment service, embedding stakeholder engagement and insight tools at the heart of the process, ensures the company identifies and prioritises key initiatives that are of most significant importance to stakeholder groups.

We are keen to collaborate with other B Corp businesses and share our skills to benefit others.  We also offer these services at a 10% discount on our usual day rate to B Corps and those companies applying for B Corp. If you want to learn more about our B Corp data collection surveys or our Materiality Assessment service, or indeed just want to chat about our B Corp journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We look forward to speaking to you soon.





In January 2023 we became employee owned. Employee ownership is an exciting, progressive way to structure our business, that holds benefits for staff, our clients as well as suppliers and everybody else we work with. From now on, all employees will have a say in how the business is run and will share in the profits we generate. We are the fifth in a growing band of market research agencies who feel that employee ownership is the right model to secure future growth and development.




As a dedication to creating a sustainable future and driving positive change within our industry, we are very proud to have signed up to the Market Research Society (MRS) Net Zero Pledge.

By signing the MRS Net Zero Pledge we make four commitments:

  • to become Net Zero by 2026
  • to track and publish our carbon emissions
  • to collaborate across the market research sector – sharing our learnings and best practices
  • to encourage conversations and call outs by our partners, clients and suppliers on environmental concerns.

Each year, we calculate our carbon footprint, aiming to reduce our Co2 emissions year on year wherever possible. And for the carbon that we’re not able to reduce, we’re now working with Ecologi to offset our emissions by investing in their climate projects which are not only beneficial to the environment, but also to the people behind the projects. These include renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.

By signing the MRS Net Zero Pledge, we are making a firm commitment to address the environmental challenges facing our industry. We aim to lead by example, inspiring others to join us in this crucial endeavour. Through our collective efforts in promoting positive change, we aim to create a sustainable future, reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to the global fight against climate change.




We were officially certified as a B Corp in September 2023 and are committed to using our business as a force for good, by:

  • delivering insights for our clients which power positive change
  • empowering and nurturing our team
  • supporting our community
  • respecting our environment


Certified B Corporations, or ‘B Corps’ are companies who are accredited to have achieved high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.  B Corps are a rapidly growing global community of 6,000+ organisations committed to using their business as a force for good.  The UK is home to upwards of 1,400 of these companies.

The process to becoming a B Corp Certified company is rigorous and requires meeting targets in five areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

Businesses must provide evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency.

Once B Corp status is reached – certified by B Lab UK for UK businesses – the company must make a legal commitment to maintaining these standards through amendments to its articles of association.  To remain a B Corp, companies need to keep improving and must recertify every 3 years, demonstrating they have made improvements since last being certified.

More information on becoming a B Corp can be found here:


Companies applying to be a B Corp are independently assessed to ensure they meet the standards of social and environmental performance required for certification as a B Corp. The certification process is rigorous – taking up to a year to qualify. The assessment is continually updated and made harder, taking into account the way the world is changing.

As part of our application process we formed a working group looking at all areas of our business and operations, proposing changes to how we work, how we manage ourselves and how we engage with suppliers and clients.  The working group is now a focal point for continual improvement in our business and how we measure up to B Corp’s standards, looking forward to our recertification in a few years’ time.


We are very proud to have achieved an overall impact score of 125.6, well above the minimum score of 80 required to become a B Corp.

For more details about our score and how it is built up, please visit our page on the B Corp directory:


Our B Corp certification is important to us as it underlines to our staff, our clients, our suppliers and our wider stakeholders our moral and legal commitment to balance environmental and social considerations alongside making a fair profit, in all the decisions we make as a business.  Our B Corp certification reinforces our company values of acting with Integrity, being Supporting and being Empowered.

B Corp has given us a framework to bring together all the work we do around our agenda for positive change and has given us some practical tools and ideas for further improvements.

We are also delighted and proud to be recognised members of this growing global supportive community of like-minded, value-driven businesses.




We have worked on a number of projects to help our automotive clients address the many challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to electric vehicle ownership.


For many years the automotive industry has been making a slow, steady transition away from traditional petrol and diesel vehicles and towards alternative, renewable energy options.  The mainstream move to change kicked off as far back as 1997, when the Toyota Prius became the first mass produced hybrid engine car.

Our client came to us in 2016, knowing that the pace of change was speeding up, but still not certain as to where the market might end up or how it was going to get there.  Would full electric lead the way? Would there be a breakthrough in hydrogen technology? How and when might consumer choice influence the direction of travel?  What would be the main catalysts for change, the barriers to overcome and motivations that could encourage customer demand?

Customer research was needed to inform the pace and nature of change that the business needed to make, ensuring that that change could be closely aligned to customer needs and expectations and stimulate the demand needed to deliver commercial success.


In partnership with our client we designed a tracking study that would stand the test of time, providing flexibility in terms of both survey content and analysis opportunities.  Just as well as it’s now been delivering insight to their business for 6 years!

Initially covering 8 markets and 13 passenger vehicle segments the project recently expanded to include compact, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles in 5 of those markets.

A combination of traditional awareness, knowledge, interest and consideration questions, combined with our Thoughtscape approach, enables us to measure standard metrics and at the same time assess what drives buyer behaviour at a more spontaneous, emotional level.


Our research has guided our client’s business strategy for alternative fuel vehicle development, helping them to understand consumer barriers and motivations. They have developed communications strategies that inform and guide consumer choice, initiated product development work to ensure vehicles that are fit for an ‘ICE-free’ future and are able to understand and address the non-vehicle related issues that consumers face when moving to alternative fuels, particularly plug-in vehicles.





Evolution Money was established to provide credit and improve the quality of life for homeowners who, due to imperfect credit history, were being refused finance in a time of need.

They now needed evidence to further inform the Board how far they had progressed against delivering this business purpose and to seek opportunities to improve upon their offering.


From the outset we built our research design to measure Evolution’s progress against their core business purpose – Does an Evolution loan have a positive impact on their customers’ quality of life?

Evolution themselves were going through the process of becoming a certified B Corp company and were new to conducting market research. As such, the programme had to be focused, with clear objectives and deliver actionable recommendations for further improvement.

Initially, we spoke to around 200 customers in a quantitative survey to build an understanding of the Evolution customer journey – covering both the highs and the lows – and evidencing the financial impact their loan had on their everyday lives. We then followed this up with in-depth interviews to uncover the personal stories and experiences of customers. What had bought them to Evolution? Had the loan had a positive impact on their personal lives? Had it changed their spending habits?


Combining the evidence gathered from the quantitative stage with the depth of understanding uncovered in the in-depth interviews we developed positive impact stories which could be shared to evidence their business purpose.

The research delivered facts and stories which will be used to demonstrate the positive change that Evolution has to their customers’ lives, along with areas for further improvement where they can continue to evolve.


“MM-Eye helped us to evidence the positive impact we believed we had on our customers. We knew that our loans helped our customers when they had nowhere else to turn, but we lacked the data to prove this. The insight they provided not only gave us this evidence but painted real-life pictures of our customers – the financial situations they had found themselves in and the positive impact our loan had on their everyday lives. This research will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goal to become B Corp accredited and has given us clear, tangible recommendations on how to continue delivering against our business purpose.”

Susan Harrison, Head of ESG

Evolution Money






In a crowded marketplace, our client identified the need for a foundational understanding of the casual dining market, with a specific focus on sustainability, in order to stand out and attract new customers (whilst not alienating a loyal customer base).

A core objective of the research was to understand whether there was a consumer demand for sustainable dining and, if so, how this should be communicated to diners. Does sustainability impact diners’ decisions on where to eat on a rational or emotional level? Are diners willing to pay more for a sustainable dining experience?

There was a clear need for further evidence before any commercial decisions or changes were made.


We built a research programme focusing on the stakeholders which mattered most to our client and where there was the greatest potential for a positive change – their customers.

A large, robust study was conducted to profile the casual dining market and understand the emotional and rational motivations and drivers of dining decisions. Did this include sustainability?

Alongside this, we conducted a number of qualitative, face to face interviews with diners at our client’s restaurants to understand the ‘why’ behind these motivations.


With the client’s objective to understand the impact of sustainability on dining decisions, we delivered insight on where sustainability sat alongside other emotional and rational drivers.

We provided clear, tangible direction and prioritised ideas on how our client could incorporate sustainability into their future operations and strategy, giving them a point of differentiation from competitors, without distracting from their core offer.