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How we’ve successfully revealed the emotional truths behind the metrics for almost 10 years.



When JLR first approached us in 2009, they had been conducting brand tracking research for decades with a well-known research agency. This traditional approach wasn’t delivering the insight they wanted to drive commercial growth, and they were looking for a more effective alternative.


From the outset, we focused on the deceptively simple question, “How does this brand make you feel?”

Our Thoughtscape approach puts the consumer centre-stage. Instead of only measuring what the client wants to know, our brand positioning research allows us to assess what drives buyer behaviour. We’re constantly searching for the small truths that will help give our client a competitive advantage.

Initially, we focused on five key markets but this has expanded to over 25, across five continents. We transform the data into powerful insight using Thoughtstring, our unique language coding technique.

With these sophisticated tools at our disposal, we’ve become expert at revealing the signals hidden in the noise. Using bespoke technology, we manipulate the data in real time and integrate results with other studies to help us see the bigger picture. Working with JLR’s Customer Insight team, we deliver results which work for everyone from local marketing managers to global executives.


Our insights have guided JLR through the last nine years of growth. For Jaguar, this has covered the introduction of XE and F-PACE, the development of the British Villains campaign, and the launch of extended warranties in USA.

For Land Rover, our insights have guided them through an equally successful period with the launch of Evoque, the revitalisation of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and the introduction of the Discovery Sport.

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