Beyond Surveys – How ThoughtScape™ Reveals What Consumers Really Think About Sustainability

February 2024, by Ettie Etela

At MM-Eye, our commitment to understanding the complexities of consumer sentiment drives our innovative approach to market research. In today’s world, where climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of societal concerns, capturing the depth of consumer emotions and attitudes towards these issues is so important. Traditional surveys, while valuable, often only scratch the surface of what people truly feel. The unspoken, nuanced emotions and thoughts that linger beneath the surface provide us with the most profound insights. This understanding is essential for grasping the present and shaping future communication strategies that connect deeply with consumers.

Our proprietary tool, ThoughtScape™, stands at the heart of our efforts to delve deeper into the emotional landscape of consumers, especially regarding their views on climate and sustainability. Developed by our in-house team, ThoughtScape™ is an advanced AI-driven solution that has revolutionised the way we understand and interpret consumer emotions. By analysing the spontaneous thought streams of consumers, ThoughtScape™ uncovers the genuine, often unexpressed, emotional connections people have with the topic of sustainability.

We have developed the Say Do Sustainability Tracker, which uses ThoughtScape™ to gain a detailed understanding of how consumers feel about sustainability and climate change. This tool is innovative and helps to find out levels of climate anxiety, hope, scepticism, and motivation that traditional research methods miss. These insights go beyond simply identifying trends, as they also provide a deeper understanding of the emotions behind consumer attitudes. This level of understanding is key for businesses and organisations that aim to meet consumer expectations and bring about significant change.

To truly measure and understand customer emotions, we know we have to look beyond what is explicitly stated. ThoughtScape™ enables us to decode the subtleties of consumer sentiment, offering a window into the genuine concerns, aspirations, and emotions surrounding climate and sustainability issues.

Over the years, ThoughtScape™ has evolved from a qualitative tool into a sophisticated platform that combines both qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients across various sectors is exemplified by this advancement. By continuously adapting and refining ThoughtScape™, we ensure that it remains a cutting-edge tool capable of providing actionable insights that inform decision-making and strategic planning.

Our work with ThoughtScape™, particularly in understanding consumer sentiment towards climate and sustainability, highlights our expertise in navigating the complexities of consumer behaviour. For businesses seeking to understand the deeper, unspoken sentiments of their customers and to build strategies grounded in authentic, actionable insights, MM-Eye offers unparalleled expertise.

As we continue to explore the emotional dimensions of consumer attitudes towards critical issues like climate change and sustainability, we invite businesses and organisations to partner with us. By leveraging the insights gained through ThoughtScape™, we can help guide your business towards achieving sustainable success, ensuring that your strategies make commercial sense and contribute positively to addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges.

If you are ready to uncover the true voice of your consumers and to strategise based on genuine insights into their feelings and attitudes towards sustainability, please get in touch with the team here at MM-Eye.