Launching SDSS Consumer & Brand Insights

We are very excited to be launching the latest wave of our Say Do Sustainability Study. We are living in a time where sustainability is no longer a niche interest, and we all recognise its significance to everyone and the planet.

In the first quarter of this year, we embarked on the second wave of the study to understand the nation’s mindset. Surveying 2,000 adults to understand their thoughts and feelings on environmental and sustainability issues.

As we examined the data, it became evident that there has been a significant shift in public attitudes towards sustainability. People are no longer solely fixated on immediate, tangible actions; there is a growing realisation of the complexity and enormity of the challenge.

The SDSS report is a synthesis of findings, a narrative that charts the trajectory of public sentiment and offers organisations a mirror to see how their sustainability efforts resonate with stakeholders, consumers, and customers.

Young people are at the forefront, demanding that brands and organisations commit to and actively engage in sustainability. Their influence is reshaping market expectations and setting a new standard for environmental and social responsibility.

As we saw in our preview article on Bridging The Gender Gap In Sustainability Communication, there is also a diversity of perspectives on sustainability, and contributions are critically evaluated across different demographics.

How SDSS Delivers Ground-breaking Insights

SDSS is founded on a trio of robust research tools that provide businesses with the insights needed to effectively navigate and drive sustainability.


Our ThoughtScape™ platform brings you into the minds of consumers, offering rich, qualitative insights into their beliefs, motivations, and barriers when it comes to sustainability. It enables brands to align their sustainability narrative with consumer sentiment.

Proprietary Sustainability Segmentation

We analyse the different attitudes and behaviours of consumers towards sustainability through the framework of our proprietary Sustainability Segmentation. Understanding the population based on their level of sustainability engagement allows brands to identify and customise their strategies to effectively connect with consumers who have varying levels of engagement.

The SDSS Brand Index

Our Brand Index ranks brands on their perceived sustainability performance. It’s a clear indicator of where brands stand in the eyes of the public and where they can improve. This index is the pulse check on a brand’s sustainability heartbeat, which can help brands steer their communication in the right direction.

Why understanding these insights is important

Through SDSS, we have observed an empowered consumer base that’s not afraid to hold brands to account. With nearly one in three planning to increase their spending on sustainable brands, the message is loud and clear: consumers demand and expect concrete sustainability actions and transparent communications.

For businesses, the SDSS can serve as a roadmap towards a future where sustainability is integrated into the core of business operations and success. Consumers are looking for brands that not only talk about sustainability but also walk the walk. They seek authenticity, action, and accountability. The brands that rise to meet these expectations will be the ones to thrive.

If you’re interested in learning more about SDSS and how it can assist you in promoting brand sustainability and finding ways to foster trust, we encourage you to review the details or use the calendar below to book a conversation with the team at MM-Eye. They can help you explore the possibilities of sustainability and positive action for your brand.