Ownership Culture: MRS Reflections

Ownership Culture: MRS Reflections

Ownership Culture: MRS Reflections

May 2024, by Ettie Etela

March, I had the privilege of speaking at the MRS Conference at the “Reimagining the Future of the Insight Function” round table session alongside Human8 and Magenta. During my talk, I discussed the concept of ownership culture and its positive impact on all of the employee partners at MM-Eye. My hope was to provide other teams and agencies with a blueprint for fostering an ownership culture that can improve the culture within their companies and teams.

At MM-Eye, we have long understood that the heart of a successful business is its culture. Culture shapes the environment in which we work and directly influences our output, creativity, and the overall health of our organisation. As someone who has navigated the market research industry for over two decades, I have witnessed firsthand the pivotal role a supportive, engaging, and inclusive culture plays in business success.

Several years ago, MM-Eye embarked on a transformative journey. We transitioned from a traditional agency model to become a fully employee-owned entity, and along this path, we achieved B Corp certification. This was a fundamental change in how we operate and measure success. Our transformation has been rooted in practising what we preach, impacting every facet of our business—from our ownership structure to how we approach our projects.

Living the Ownership Mindset

For us at MM-Eye, ownership is more than holding shares —it’s a mindset embedded deeply within our culture. This mindset has fostered an environment where creativity and innovation flourish. Every member of our team is empowered to think and act like stakeholders, bringing their best ideas to the table. This sense of ownership has enhanced our creativity and also led to significant improvements in productivity and financial success.

The Power of Inclusion and Diversity

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has reshaped our recruitment strategy. We step beyond conventional channels, attracting a broad spectrum of candidates through community engagements and lifestyle platforms. This has enriched our team dynamics and bolstered our capability to connect with and understand our diverse client base. Our workforce reflects the communities we serve, enhancing our insights and strengthening our position in the market.

Nurturing Talent and Well-being

We also believe in nurturing our talent through continuous learning and development opportunities. Our talent development approach is all-inclusive, supporting new joiners and seasoned experts alike. We have also embraced a hybrid work model that caters to individual needs, fostering increased productivity and job satisfaction. Our robust well-being program, especially our focus on mental health, is a cornerstone of our culture, ensuring our partners remain motivated and engaged.

Blueprint for creating an ownership culture

Our experience and success in fostering a thriving culture is not just our story – it could be yours, too. I presented the delegates with five key takeaways on how we foster an ownership culture.

  1. Instil a sense of ownership and purpose, whether in your team’s work or your company as a whole
  2. Develop an ongoing dialogue about your impact that is more than the bottom line
  3. Implement a working model that enhances productivity, one that will enable your team to bring their best
  4. Develop a strong position to attract new talent, creating clarity about your values.
  5. Involve employees in decision-making to cultivate a sense of ownership and drive.


Transform your business culture with MM-Eye – where everyone owns success.

Are you ready to reimagine the culture of your business? At MM-Eye, we specialise in conducting stakeholder and employee research that helps businesses understand and foster a positive culture. As a certified B Corp, we are uniquely positioned to assist companies working towards B Corp certification. We provide insights on materiality and gather feedback from suppliers, employees, and stakeholders, helping you prioritise and amplify your positive impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MM-Eye can support your journey toward a more inclusive and productive workplace, please book a consultation using the form below.