What The Rest Of Us Can Learn About Sustainability From Zellenials

What The Rest Of Us Can Learn About Sustainability From Zellenials

What The Rest Of Us Can Learn About Sustainability From Zellenials

May 2024, by Meg Rudman-Walsh

There tends to be a view of Gen Z and young Millennials (i.e. Zellenials) as anxious and worrying about the future.  While our latest wave of the MM-Eye Say Do Sustainability Study recognises this, this view does not represent the whole story.  As often, it is more nuanced and complex.

Yes, Zellenials are anxious about the future, and when it comes to sustainability, they have every right to feel this way.  But they are also optimistic.  Today’s sustainability landscape is experiencing a dynamic shift, and it’s led by the younger generations.


This is not a trend; it is about pursuing a lifestyle dedicated to sustainability

The vast majority of Zellenials actively engage in sustainable living, and many are seeking to increase their environmental efforts.  They have a deep level of commitment and have strong confidence in their actions to protect the planet.​ They pursue a dedicated lifestyle towards long-term environmental health; this is not just a passing trend.​


Full schedules and an abundance of information can cause eco-anxiety

However, there are barriers, the main ones being a lack of time and an overload of information.  Zellenials live fast-paced lives with full schedules – from studies, jobs and social activities.  This limits the time they can dedicate to researching and implementing comprehensive sustainable practices.  And while they have an abundance of information about sustainability at their fingertips, this can often be as much a source of confusion as it is of inspiration.  This overload of information can lead to eco-anxiety, where the pressure to make the ‘right’ sustainable choices leads to stress and indecision.​


Brands and governments should lead on sustainability, but spending power is a way to influence

Zellenials expects brands, organisations, and governments to take the lead in sustainability.  They demand authentic action, not just talk, from the companies they purchase from and the places they work.

They are more inclined to support brands that are change-makers – those with a clear, verifiable commitment to environmental sustainability and social betterment.


The above reflects the views and behaviours of many of our Zellenial MM-Eye partners.  This is what Caleb, one of our Gen Z partners, said…

“When buying, I avoid brands that I know have a negative impact on the natural world and prioritise those that are working towards positive change. It is difficult to know what to do to protect the planet, and supporting groups that are devoted to this is one way for me to do this.”


Get in touch to find out more

Zellenials are shaping a future that values sustainability at its core, and our Say Do Sustainability Study offers many more valuable insights into their attitudes and behaviour.

By taking these insights into account, organisations and brands can create strategies that appeal to this key demographic group.

To learn more about our findings and how we can help your brand or organisation make a meaningful impact, explore the details of our latest Say Do Sustainability Study on our website and put some time in on the form below to talk to the team at MM-Eye.